Cast of Starfox 64

Starfox on the run

The Starfox Team

Fox McCloudName: Fox McCloud
Species: Fox
Age: 18
Description: After losing his father James to the evil scientist Andross, Fox gladly accepted the role as leader of the Starfox team, a group of pilots aimed at halting Andross's invasion. As a scholar of the highly acclaimed Cornerian Starfleet Academy, Fox has recieved the training he needs to take Andross out for good.

Falco LombardiName:
Falco Lombardi
Species: Falcon
Age: 19
Description: Hot-headed, cocky, and not afraid to take risks, Falco won't tollerate "no bull from nobody." As a member of an avian race, his flight skills nearly exceed Fox's. Even though his words may be harsh at times, he's loyal to the Cornerian cause.

Slippy ToadName: Slippy Toad
Age: 18
Description: Spunky and seemingly carefree, Slippy is the runt of the team. He's never been an exceptional pilot, but he aims to become one. His mechanical skills, which he learned from his father Beltino Toad, are a great advantage to the Starfox team. Fox, Falco and Peppy often find themselves running to pull his fat out of the fire .

Peppy ToadName: Peppy Hare
Age: 41
Description: Peppy once flew side by side with Fox's father, James. A routine flight to moniter Andross's doings with his teammates, James McCloud and Pigma Dengar, turned into sheer disaster when Pigma betrayed them and took sides with Andross. Peppy managed to slip through Andross's fingers with minimal power on his ship only to return home to tell young Fox about his father's horrible fate. When offered the job as leader of the Starfox team, he urged the honorable title to Fox, who he felt was more qualified with his youth. As the senior member of the Starfox team, Peppy is a good source of wisdom and knowledge.

Cornerian Allies

Bill GreyName: Bill Grey
Species: Greyhound
Age: 18
Description: A former classmate of Fox, Bill is none too happy to kick Venomian tail alongside Fox whenever possible. He commands the Husky squadron on Katina and defends the pyramid base often invaded by Andross's minions.

Katt Lomba--- er.... MonroeName: Katt Monroe
Species: House cat
Age: 19
Description: 'A cat on the go' is the perfect way to describe Katt. Though not an official member of the Starfox team, she comes to their aid whenever it's needed (whether she's asked or not) and will slip out of sight when the battle's over. Many of her fellow pilots consider her a nuisance. She has her sights set on Falco, but little time is there for romance when Andross is on the loose.

Name: General Pepper
Species: Saint Bernard
Age: 53
Description: The commander in chief of the Cornerian Air Force, General Pepper still feels guilty for sending James McCloud to his doom. Long ago, Pepper discovered the quiet scientist Andross's cruel intentions and banished him to Venom. As a witness to Andross's capabilities, General Pepper only hopes Fox's team is successful.

James McCloudName: James McCloud
Species: Fox
Age: 42
Description: The former leader of the Starfox team, James was a cunning pilot and a devoted father to his son, Fox. After being lured into a trap by his fellow teammate Pigma, James was killed in the line of battle..... or was he?....

Venomian Forces/The StarWolf Team

Wolf O'DonnellName: Wolf O'Donnell
Species: Wolf
Age: 19
Description: Wolf, current leader of the mercenary StarWolf team, turns a flaming bright red when he hears his rival, Fox's, name. He would like nothing more than to see Fox fail at something. He has ordered his teams's ships (called the Wolfens) to be specially upgraded with the latest in flight advancements in hopes of downing his nemesis once and for all.

Leon PowalskiName: Leon Powalski
Species: Chameleon
Age: Unknown
Description: This mysterious reptile likes shooting down his opponents in victory, but he loves torturing them afterwards until they meet a painful and miserable end. Almost as boastful as his rival, Leon seems to have a thing against the ever-fitted Falco. No one knows what fuels his grudge, maybe a past incodent, perhaps...?

Pigma DengarName: Pigma Dengar
Species: Pig
Age: 41
Description: A former member of the Starfox team and current member of the StarWolf team, Pigma turned James and Peppy into Andross's clutches for a reasonable price. Next time he and Peppy get in an airborn dogfight, Pigma assures Andross he'll return with Peppy's head mounted on a silver platter.

Andrew OikonnyName: Andrew Oikonny
Species: Ape?
Age: 18
Description: Inexperienced and quite chalky at flying all together, Andrew was only put on the team because of his relation to Andross as nephew and uncle. Because of Slippy's equal clumsiness and lack of skills, Andrew chases after him during battles.

Name: Andross
Species: Ape?
Age: Unknown
Description: Andross, born and raised on Corneria, once studied under the great scientists of Cornerian history. His field was souly in bio-techonology, but since Corneria was a peaceful planet, his research went in vain. Over time, his thought became twisted and his morals demented. One day, Andross unleashed a weapon he secretly constructed himself on his home planet, leaving many of the major cities in ruins. General Pepper banished Andross to the desolate planet Venom as punishment, but that wasn't nearly enough to stop his madness. After years of planning and constructing, Andross has again unleashed his minions against the Lylat system. It's up to the Starfox team to stop him once and for all, but Andross is very well prepared this time......

Comic Characters

Name: Fara Phoenix
Species: Fox
Age: 18 (possibly)
Description: Fox McCloud's sweetheart, daughter of scientist Dr. Phoenix. A fellow pilot.

Name: Vixy Reinard McCloud
Species: Fox
Age: 42?
Description: Fox's mother, said to have been killed by Andross in an incodent with a car bomb...

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